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We've just finished up a Pro Series and Sportsman Series rocker system for the new AFR BBC V2 head. The Pro Series kit utilizes a one piece intake stand that bolts down with out any head machining and individual exhaust stands. This kit uses our conventional BBC rockers so customers with existing AFR heads will only have to purchase the rocker stands. The Sportsman kit as well as the Pro kit is designed to be a direct bolt on application when using the +.250" long intake and stock length valves supplied by AFR.

Pro Series Kit:
KPS-45087, AFR BBC V2
(available from 1.60 to 1.85 ratios)

Sportsman Series Kits:
KSS-197070, AFR BBC V2, 1.70 Int / 1.70 Exh
KSS-197570, AFR BBC V2, 1.75 Int / 1.70 Exh
KSS-197575, AFR BBC V2, 1.75 Int / 1.75 Exh
KSS-198080, AFR BBC V2, 1.80 Int / 1.80 Exh

CHRYSLER 5.7 / 6.1 / 6.4 SB HEMI COMBO

We have just finished a Camshaft Belt Drive and Distributor assembly for the Chrysler 5.7 / 6.1 / 6.4 SB Hemi® block for use in aftermarket racing applications. The billet aluminum mounting cover will bolt on without any block modifications and is designed to be used with an aftermarket fabricated oil pan. An oil pan adapter is available if using an OEM style pan. The use of this belt drive will require converting to an external oil pump, a remote mount water pump and crank trigger type ignition system. -16 AN fittings are supplied with the cover for the water inlet and return. The Camshaft drive can be purchased separately or together with single or dual distributor drives. The distributor drives can be order with an individual cylinder timing (I.C.T.) pickup for use with electronic fuel injection setups.

Camshaft Belt Drive: KBD-35900
Camshaft / Dist Drive Combo: KFD-75900


We now have a rocker system available for the Brodix WP LM 12 STD cylinder head. The rocker kit part number is KPS-45442 and features a 1.650" pivot length body with .550" offset intake rockers. This kit can be ordered in any ratio combination from 1.60 to 1.90 with your choice of standard slot, MoHawk beam or Solid Body rockers.

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